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300 Down?


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gradual loss of power?? sounds like a cylinder going........schweizer may have a glitch on their hands........ <_<


that has happened TWICE to another 300 operator recently........... :blink:




since the censorship gods won't allow naming of names even if it is FACT..... i won't say who :P

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Alright in order to stop the flury of emails, ill post up here.


I really dont know anything more then what the CADORS put out, so I have nothing to add other than, In My opinion, the pilot did a great job of saving his own life and kept his cool very well given the circumstances. So much so that the fss attendant who recieved the mayday call made a point to drive to the hangar where the recovery helicopter had landed and shake his hand.


Well done! Have a safe last few hours of training.


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