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Best School?


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You guys aren't really trying to convince me a 22 @ 800 lbs empty weight is on par with a machine like my 47 G4 which has the power to lift a 22 are ya. come on. Sure you can do an auto in one but nothing close to what we can do in our machine. Pedals to the ground, sure a 300 can, but full rights for an hour straight.


Lets look at the #s


---------------------Bell 206----------Bell 47 G4------R44--------Bell 47 G2--------R22 -----------300 CBI


Empty Weight......1900 lbs............1900 lbs..........1506 lbs.......1800 lbs..........855 lbs..........1088 lbs


Gross Weight........3200 lbs ..........2950 lbs..........2500 lbs.......2450 lbs..........1350 lbs........1750 lbs


Useful Load..........1300 lbs............1050 lbs..........994 lbs.........650 lbs............515 lbs...........662 lbs


Over all length.......39.2 ft.............43.63 ft............38.25 ft ......38.37 ft...........28.75 ft..........30.83 ft


Power Limit...........317 hp..............260 hp............246 hp..........200 hp............131 hp...........180 hp


Hourly Rate..........$1100...............$500................$700.............$465..............$450.............$450



So you 22 and 300 fans are trying to tell me you can simulate a days work in those little machines, ya you can learn to get a license in one but can you do a days work in one. Why is it I do so much advanced training in my G4 with people who trained in those machines? And why is it those people have very little knowledge on how to COMPLETE an emergency or how to do a REAL confined area.

Ya the instructor, and area you train in matters, but if the school you attend is really concerned about your education why do they use these "ultralights"! The machine is the tool an instructor uses to teach with, so how do you teach with half a helicopter.


The 47 G4 should not be confused with the G2, looks the same, but way more heli for the money.


I just remembered why schools use less machine, less cost = more profit, not a better training experience.


412 you are right I am bragging, why, because I have the best teaching too for the $ of any school I know of.


If the heli you train in is irrelevant, why not use a rotorway exec, you could do that for dam near free.


Get a commercial experience not just a license!



As always, just my thoughts





Geeze Rob...you sure sound like one of those "watch for the sales pitch" schools that people are warned of. You do so much advanced training of 300 and 22 pilots because 90% of the pilots nowadays trained on those machines, maybe if there was more than a half dosen 47's doing taining the odds would change...think about it. Maybe you should run a 22 so you can make more money and not have to advertise yourself so bad :down: after reading your "one-sided" posts, I would never even cosider training with you....I have never flown a 47, would love to try one, people I respect very much can't say enough about them....however they are unfortunatly a thing of the past..and the 22's and 300's are what has replaced them so suck it up! :rolleyes:


Just my thoughts

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WOW, I can't believe the things some guys say in order to justify what they got for training. If you had a good instructor they would be a great instructor in a G4, best teaching tool out there. The heli is my teaching tool, the more the machine can do, the more I can teach!!!





Facts are facts, I can't change them, if any 22 or 300 trained 100 hr pilot wants to stop by I'll give you a free hour to show me how well you can do a full right pedal to the ground. Or a real auto to a confined area. How about an engine failure from a 30 ft hover.


The offer is real. PM me to set it up.


Or if any 22 operator has a breakdown in the bush I'll be happy to long line it out for free, the only catch, I get to keep the video!


I spent 2 years finding the right machine, if I had to sit in a 22 or 300 all day I'd go back to a 350, I don't instruct because it's all I know how to do, I can set a tower and swing a bag, I instruct because I love doing it.


Sales pitch? Sorry, I'm booked solid for the next 8 months. When ALL you grads are workin you don't need to advertise.







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The 300 you have listed would be the CB or CBi variant, the 300C model out performs the G2 for roughly the same price.

I do have it on fair authority that a 300C trained pilot can do a good job of an auto to a VERY confined area in the C model when it all goes wrong and walk away.


I am curious though, there are 7 G4's registered in Canada, 3 of those are A models, leaving 4 G4's, half of which you own, one of which is used for ariel application in Ontario and the other which was registered to a company that isn't operational any more...

This leaves your school being the only Bell 47G4 FTU in Canada, so if you are booked up and 10 people want to start at the same time where do you send the ones you can't take?

I'm asking this, not to start an argument, but because I'm genuinely curious as to what you would considder a good alternative to the G4.


If you decide the G4 is what you have to train on, you'll have to wait in line I guess.


I may have to take you up on that free hour :) I've always had a thing for the 47.


PS, the R44 I did my endorsement on currently goes for $575.00 an hour.


Not trying to start an arguement, most definately not trashing your school at all.


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i have to share this.............


even though i am not teaching right now, i get a call yesterday from a company i have worked for in the past. they need a low time pilot for scanning that will turn into a flying job..............pronto!


i access a file out of the ol grey matter, "got just the kid for ya, he'll call you shortly"


call my student, arrange the meet and greet, get a call from the student a couple hours later....


"thanks for getting me the job" :up:


THAT's what teaching is really about. :D


I have taught in the 300 and the 47 and i think the 47 makes you (the student) work harder

which i (among others) believe produces better pilot skills.


oh, and the kid that got the job? GREAT attitude, first to show up, last to leave and when he wasn't studying he was helping the engineers in the hangar. something to think about ;)


my 10 pesos for the day!

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Hey Cole,


No offense taken.


Other schools? Premier is not for every one, we expect a lot. Ground training goes a hundred miles past that of all other schools I know of. Ask S>>>>>>T about his recent week of 16 hour days getting paid to overhaul an A-STAR. We require 6 to 8 months for full time training, it takes longer to learn more. Flight training take longer, no wasted time, if we have achieved the goal from the briefing in 0.8 time to go home, no point in flying only to build time, students pay for an education not 100 hrs.


As far as the 44 going for $575, the chart is a guesstimate, but MY G4 BEATS THE 44 IN EVERY CATEGORY EXCEPT PRICE, 260 HP FOR $500 OR 246 HP FOR $575 YOU DO THE MATH!! Besides my G4 still is %100 a better teaching tool. :D


The machine is my teaching tool, it does make a difference.




I know what you mean, the relationship between student and instructor is the fun part, their sucess is the satisfaction.


Sir Lance,


Some of us do it for the love of it, if I was only concerned about more cash, I'd have a few As-350 D2's. But instructing is my passion.


And in case, if I didn't say it loud enough, the machine matters, big time.[/b]


My 47 G4 rocks, ha ha , I'm bragging again!! :punk: :punk: :punk:




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Haha I Wasn't comparing the G4 to the R44. Two different beasts in my opinion, the 44 definately has its place.


Seeing the price difference between KVH's 44 and everyone else's It becomes obvious whos out to make a fortune and who does it for passion.

More then a $100.00 an hour difference at most schools only proves that most are in it for profit.


Is a 105 hour HU30/BH06/RH44 pilot eligable for this free hour?


Thanks for sharing 412D, stuff like that helps keep a fire going. Are you back in YYF sometime soon?




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