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B206 Manuals

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Really? Copyright laws are still laws. Or are you one of those people who decides what laws apply to you, and which ones don't?



You completely missed my point.


I was just wondering if he was a cop or someone in charge of copyright law enforcement, not questioning what laws applies to whom :censored:


Thanks to both. Very helpful :up:

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I wouldn’t imagine that Bell Helicopters would be to concerned about how you received a 206 manual. Since you are going back to fly their model.


They print the manuals and if you are looking for a replacement for your helicopter, they do it for free. I had one replaced for a Jetranger that was contaminated while in the baggage compartment.


So I wouldn’t loose too much sleep over a copied CD.

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I should have learned by now.....tisk tisk. I'm not talking maintenance manuals but flight manuals. Once again it's up to the individual who opens the manual to verify that the manual is up to date. One who uses it, uses it at their own risk. I'll have to get my lawyer to answer my next responce.

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