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B206 Manuals

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#### is right, and Bell takes it very seriously as well. It can be very dangerous to refer to any controlled document that isn't properly maintained.


The cost of the manuals is not so much a money-grab by the manufacturers, but the astronimical cost of actually producing them (not the printing, but the controls and distribution costs).


Having said that, using an old RFM for reference and study probably isn't that bad, but you should try to get a current version if at all possible. The 206 series isn't likely to see many surprises, but some of the newer types can see big changes in the first few years.

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If you even get an slightly outdated FM you can always contact Marion Zinn at Bell and get a quote to have the FM updated, including the latest Flight Manual Supplements. Are you looking for a A/B Flt Manual or BIII?



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Thanks HBD


I already sent an email to ask how much the CD Flight Manual costs.

Do you have an idea about how much the CD FM on eBay can go for ? On the bottom it says that they will only sent to US addresses.

I never used eBay before but I badly need the CD.





They print the manuals and if you are looking for a replacement for your helicopter, they do it for free. So I wouldn’t loose too much sleep over a copied CD


I also think so.

For those that fly several types of machines its quite expensive to have an up to date collection of Manuals at those prices.

Bell is also interested that all pilots know what they are doing with their machines. It just adds to safety.


Anyway, some nosy people out here, eh ? :wacko:

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The company that you are doing your ride with should have a spare that they can loan you. The last organization I worked for had additional Flt manuals, one in the aircraft and one in the CP's office.


It's not so much Bell wanting companies to ensure they have up to date manuals, that is the company responsibility to make sure all manuals are up to date, most important it is a regulatory requirement. I've never heard of Bell photocopying anything from any manuals to supply customers and I have been dealing with Bell products for some 30 years. What I would do, and only as a suggestion, is get in touch with Marion Zinn with the e-mail address provided or call Dennis Lacroix, Marketing Director, Canada at (450) 437-3400 and inquire. In addition, there is only one company that I know of that is Bell "approved" to supply CD manuals and that is at http://www.avantext.com/ (they are expensive) unless Bell have added more companies, key word is Bell approved. I have a letter from Product Support of BHT that relates to that subject. If you can ever get your hands on a Bell Pilot Transition Manual (they were provided for Bell students) that would be very good information. I had one once and loaned it out and never saw it again.


Good Luck



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Manuals are about 600 us per year on cd. Any time a profesional pilot is going to stick his nose in a manual and know his product that he is going to fly I will gladly supply him with information. Even on Cd you still have to refer to the manual in the machine to get all the info you need for PPC ride it is only reference material. I keep the old cd and mark them for reference material only for students to use.

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