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Also heard through "As the rotor blade turns" that Ultra took their machine from their business partner in Moose Factory. Just showed up one day and flew it away, leaving the grocery contract. I guess the island hasn't got their groceries for nearly a week.

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No it wsn't Luc. Dunn Helicopters had the contract, and were leasing a B206L from Ultra. There were concerns, including inquiries from TC system Safety regarding their operation, flight in MVFR, etc etc. Ultra sent some reps up to YMO unannounced, poked around, asked some questions and POOF, faster than CTD could get his boots on in a sheep pasture, they pulled their machine. Dunn still needs to service the contract, so last week, a CHL A-Star from Chiboooogamooo arrived. That's the scoop.

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2 on 2 off for me...oh the joy, the bliss...


BTW, re the stove oil incident...last year he tried to buy bulk kerosene but the fuel supplier wouldn't sell it to him. And they got busted for hot-refueling, pilot outside, no-one inside, pumping fuel, righin full view of the world...that got shut down too.


!! :)

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