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The Benefit Of A Fenestron

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yeah that comment from the poster (EC120) that Eurocopter was performing a test....what a joke....


i really don't think anyone would run a perfectly good and expensive helicopter on a mountanside to do a test like that....they would run the fenestron on a test stand and throw snow thru it if thats what they wanted to figure out....

I think i would have got it off the tail and out of the snowbank differently myself.....

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I've watched this video countless number of times over the past couple months cause it's an aircraft of interest for me.........I keep coming back to the same reaction i get........this pilot should have stayed in bed that day and called in sick......the end of the video is the most telling w/ said individual landing w/ said fenestron uphill and having #2 hopping out and doing his "seating" check for him........priceless.....would make for interesting discussion at a PDM refresher...... okay back to the corner for me. :shock:




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I wonder what the outcome would have been if it was a tail rotor eating snow instead.

Those fenestrons are surprisingly sturdy eventhough they look flimsy. On the EC120 course, they showed us an old Aerospatiale test footage of a Dauphin fenestron eating a 2 X 4 without shedding a blade.

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WOW! :huh:


I have always wondered if a notar or fenestrom woulg give a pilot a false sence of security, I know the TR keeps me in-line.


It would be interesting to hear the opinion of some one who flies one. Or for that matter Eurocopter. I would assume an engineer would have some work to do after the snow wash. But hey who am I to say, maybe the way I was shown to land in snow was all wrong B)


Sorry I have to keep this one short but the wife just walked by in something realy small, gata go, I'll make it longer next time. :censored:




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So you gotta wonder...?


How did they get there in the first place??


Since it was sitting so far back on the heels, you would have thought a couple of guys on the front and one kicking the tail loose would have sat it up straight...


And why were they sitting at the bottom of which certainly looked like a slide chute???


And then of course, again the question, why the tail up hill???


So everyone take notice, if you are going to do something STUPID, make sure there are no cameras around...


And to the newbies, they are NOT trained professionals, and don't try it at home!!

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