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Those I know of:








Prism (through US affiliate)

HTS (through US affiliate)


I don't know if or how you could search TC databases, but if you find Canadian operators with OC's for foreign ops, you'd have a better idea...

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Not that it's of any good or use to you for the obvious reasons, but pilots have now beeen included in NAFTA as an admissaable trade/profession going both ways across the border. Thank ATAC for that because it was ATAC who was 'asleep at the wheel" at the inception of NAFTA and that's the reason NO pilots of any type were included at the time. That info and about $1.95 will get you a "Double, Double' because that's about all it's worth these days.

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For the Canadian companies operating across the border;

Does anybody know if there is an advantage of being a U.S citizen to the Canadian companies?


Don't quote me on the numbers and please inform me if you know more information.


Canadian companies (or pilots) can only operate in the U.S for stretches of 120-150 days at a time?


In order for a Canadian company to operate unconditionally in the U.S the majority share holder (51%) in the company must be a U.S citizen for them to expand to the U.S permanently?


Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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Inuk ------- got a Treaty Card? If you do, it allows you to live and work anywhere in the US or Canada,,,,,,,at your discretion. That law also is in place both sides of the border, so it's not some 'Canadian thing' either.




I am a Canadian Citizen first and foremost; S.I.N #.

I am a Nunavut Beneficiary; NTI Enrollment # (Inuit Registration firm).

I am a American Citizen; Social Insurance #.


I am lucky to consider myself a citizen of North American.


Any information on the advantages of the U.S citizenship from a Canadian employer’s perspective?

Do you know of any companies that "utilize" the citizenship for ease of operations?

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Inuk ---I know of some in the past that took advantage of it, but I'm not aware of any particular ones at present......at least not for the purposes of getting work in the States. I'm giggling as I type this, because at one time a Calgary firm employed a friend of mine, based out of Inuvik just for that reason. He even appeared on the front cover of "Oilweek' magazine walking down the airstair of an S-61. The article inside went onto state how that company was utilizing the Native citizens of the North in oil exploration. There was only one problem and I kidded him about it for years.........he was a 'Native' of the Hawaiian Islands. He protested to company, but they said "shhhhhh, you look native and you are an aboriginal of the Hawaiian Islands, so just be quiet about it".


I work with an American who hails from Alaska and he's a full-blood member of one of their tribes....which one I do not know.


Help me here now because I used to know, but not any more. It's the Jay Treaty between Britain and the US of the late 1790's that gives all aboriginals in both Canada and the US the Right to have all the Rights of those on both sides of the border and to cross it freely? I know the Mohawks in Quebec have used that Treaty for eons and eons to join the ranks of the USMC and hold an honoured place within the Corps since way back when.

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