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Those Of You Waiting In Breathless Anticipation.....

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Check out the Heli-Expo news page (banner at top). More pictures being uploaded in the next hour.



It would be nice to see some pics of some Canuks who might be attending the HAI. Or maybe you have already posted some and may not be easily reconizable like me which have grown old and have changed in apperance.


Keep up the good work Mike.

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Thanks for the pics, I wanted to go this year but couldn't make it. The 175 looks like a shrunken AW139. I wish Eurocopter would put up a pic with the 175 and something that will allow me to gauge its size...


doesn't 16 guys dressed in bright orange getting out of it, not give you an idea of the size at all???

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I'm at Bell Training Center right now, and they flew the new 429 over from HAI today. We all got a chance to lick the paint off it and, though it's covered in strain gauges and miles of wire, it looks pretty good. Flat floor, no broom closet partition, available clamshell doors under the tailboom (or baggage pit option) and P&W 200 stoves. It kinda reminds me of an AB139 at first glance.


Apparently, they have orders for more than 200 already. The Bell folks are all pretty excited about it, I can tell you: they haven't seen a new civil product since the 407.

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