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if any of you have been following the adventures of jennifer murray and colin bodill in their quest to become the 1st to circumnavigate via both poles, they suffered a setback when they crashed early sat morn.. you can see details in the diary at www.polarfirst.com.. :(


the good news is that they have been rescued alive... she with a fractured arm and they were non-specific as to his injuries other than to say that they were compatible with those seen in a high impact incident.. sounds also like wx was a major factor...


hope they recover well...

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THis was an accident waiting to happen....just glade nobody got killed.I've been in places similiar and it is not the place to be without previous training and expertise about severe winter ops...just my opinion....they were way over there heads... :o

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Whaddaya mean "severe winter ops"......????

It's the height of summer in Antarctica right now. It must be easy to fly to the South Pole this week.

At least that's what they thought !!!


Maybe Mrs Murray should have joined her husband, who is walking to the South Pole at the moment.

It sounds safer !!

There's a **** good reason why penguins don't fly !!

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latest on the polar first website is that colin is up and walking after another surgery to repair his L1 vertebrae... :up:


amazingly enough, they are also looking if anyone has another helicopter for them to try and finish.. anyone got a spare bird they don't need?!?! :o


no reports yet on what happened or what kind of damage the 407 sustained...

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Glad to hear they're going to be okay!!


Sounds like a great place for all the Canadian operators to dump there 20,000+ hour 206s!!!! :up:


I tried to find out more info about the accident and found that it wasn't listed in either the FAA or NTSB accident files. Does anyone know what caused the accident or have any pics?


Registration: N44EA

Serial Number 53566 Type Registration Corporation

Manufacturer Name BELL Certificate Issue Date 10/17/2003

Model 407 Status Valid

Type Aircraft Rotorcraft Type Engine Turbo-Shaft

Pending Number Change None Dealer No

Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code 51244251

MFR Year 2003 Fractional Owner NO




Registered Owner





City DOVER State DELAWARE Zip Code 19901-3609

County KENT





pitchlink B)

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