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Hey all.

Does anyone know any good books, perferably non fiction about civillian helicopter flying. I know that there is one called "The Golden Hour" about EMS flying however it is hard to find. There are tons of military books (Chickenhawk, Dear Mom Im alive etc) but finding a civillian one is difficult.





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Try "Wild Blue, Stories of Survival from Air and Space" from David Fisher and William Garvey. While not strickly a helo book, it has some amazing aviation stories, and I'm still blown away by the guy who punched out of a F8U at 47000 feet and dropped through a thunderstorm.


And while not civilian, Micheal Durant's story of Special Ops flying and his capture in Somalia, "In the Company of Hereos" is an engaging read.


Fiction wise, Dale Brown is a former U.S. Air Force Bomber Navigator and writes aviation (military) fiction which is quite good.

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