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Cross Atlantic Flight !

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Yes I've herd about people that have done a cross Atlantic flight from the East cost of Canada to Greenland to Iceland to Ireland, in a Single Engine A/C. Has any one herd of this? Is it possible to do? If so how and what sort of A/C do you need to do such an assume adventure.....


Oh and a merry XMASS to all




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Yes it is possible, but there are risks. I've had the unfortunate task of looking for a chap whose fuel didn't get him to the Labrador coast. Generally done with just about any aircraft that has been modified with some extra fuel carried in the cabin with the pilot. I saw a Cessna with Swiss markings in Kuujjuaq and a turbine up front back in '95. Coming West, most aircraft take the Iceland route and going East, some use the Azores with a tailwind. Not something I would care to do, single engine, but possible. The Labrador current is cold, even in a poopy suit. Any ferry pilots could tell you more. I'm not sure if any are on this forum.

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You will want to read "Into the Wind, The Story of Max Conrad" by Sally Buegeleisen. It is long out of print but check your local library. Max ferried more than 150 light aircraft across the Atlantic and at least 30 over the Pacific.

I once rented a Cherokee on Maui that had been flown from California.

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I don't know about being an expert but we do fly a lot of international ferry flights including the North and South Atlantic routes. In fact we have another contract that seems to be fairly certain to go ahead this summer to fly the Paris France to Sao Paulo Brazil route again.


My short answer is flying these long over ocean routes in a single engine airplane is a form of playing Russian Roullette with an engine. And flying a twin engine airplane over these routes over gross with fuel is like flying two single engine airplanes at the same time.


In short, for me there is no amount of money that would compell me to fly single engine on that route...


But I am a real #### coward. :D


Rev. Chas W.

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Apologies to our reverend friend. I forgot about your experience crossing the pond, but hey, the PBY/Canso was made for that purpose and a 172 is not. I once spoke to Air Commodore Birchall about his experience with the Canso. He told me that they were sent to Bermuda to get their aircraft and then told to learn en route to Scotland!

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