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Gary Watson

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Some good stuff in this thread, here's a couple things I felt compelled to add,

-Haemostats. a 10" straight pair and a smaller pair with a curved tip. These come in handy more places than I can count

-Dental picks. ask your dentist for the old used ones usually he/she will give you a hadfull, they are way stronger and finer than normal picks

-A small magnet attached to a fairly long length of twisted lockwire (who has'nt dropped a nut under a 206 oil cooler) also useful other places.

-a homemade lexan scraper

- a 6" drift made out of a phenolic material

- a mastercraft power inverter to plug my laptop into the truck to prevent dead laptop while trying to decipher 407 fadec degrades/failures. :rant:

- a tiny shop vac (in with the spares)

- trusty petzl headlamp (as mentioned earlier)

- a small assortment of homemade bullets and jackscrews


Hope this helps someone!




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206's? It's been years, but from my offshore days;


wrench on a stick for hydraulic pump, previously mentioned


ground down 6 point with welded on back, broached 3/8 square wrench opening & AN929-4 for fuel nozzle. previously mentioned.


spline tool for turning N1, made from old s/gen shaft


Ground down 7/16 combo wrench for drive link clamp.


carefully ground down 5/16 ratcheting box end for the input shaft couplings. replace all the MS27039 screws in the fireshield door with stainless steel an3's. (not sure if you can get away with this in Canada)


shorten a speedhandle, so you can get the engine mount insp panels in the hatrack. back in my day there war'nt no battery powered drill motors.


5/16 open end, ground & pinned in a length of 1/4" rod, for governor or FCU. along with a few AN806 & AN929 -4 & -6 caps & plugs. I keep a few chained together, with a link so they can be separated, if necessary.


a simple, 28V test light.

a quality, ratcheting crimper

a small stash of inline & ring terminals

10 ft of 22g & 20g milspec wire.


a length of 1/4" bungee, with plastic hooks, sized to secure the engine doors open. Ever had the wind blow the door off the prop & drop it on your head when trying to stab a s/gen?


grind a "V" shaped groove in an old hacksaw blade, with sharp edges inside the "V". perfect for holding adel clamps til you get the nut on. ( the screw threads engage the "V" notch)


a few screws & bolts with the heads cut off, 8/32, 10/32, 1/4 28 ect...handy for aligning panels ( hi speed shaft firewall door ) or God forbid, holding the top of a fuel cell up, while you align all the fasteners.


bunch of different cotterpins, tied in a loop of safety wire.


An 'Altoid' box with commonly used washers.

An 'Altoid' box with commonly used castle nuts, & lock nuts.

An 'Altoid' box with commonly used machine screws.

All "new stock" ( no scrounge box stuff ) and of course for emergency use only.

a couple of quality #30 drills........I once heard of a guy who lost that little pin in the tail rotor drive and he found out that the shank of a #30 drill is...................


a can of coarse 'Clover' valve grinding compound, and A couple of new, 'toothed' apex bits never used except for that problem stuck screw. once it's used, put it with your day-to-day stuff. I never attempt a stuck screw with anything but a new bit.


snap-on makes an apex bit, that has a 'wobble' end on it, like those socket extensions. They often have to be ordered, but they allow you to pull screws that are uncomfortably close to structure.


Someone mentioned a blacklight. they are perfect for finding turbine oil leaks, or reading dipsticks in poor lighting conditions. Autoparts stores sell a LED version for finding freon leaks., has a clip like a pen.


there are some great AAA & AA multi LED flashlights out there now, they seem to last forever on a set of batteries.


consumables? s/gen drive grease, safety wire; kinda getting off topic.

mini grease gun

some small sheets of scotch bright. a few good stainless steel "tooth brushes"

a can of "aerokroil"


sorry for the long post, and if I have repeated anyone's suggestions.


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Quit dragging around a 1 9/16th crows foot for medium T/R nuts and buy a spanner wrench from Granco Industries Corporation, P.O. Box 171, 4009 E.138th ST, Grandview, Missouri 64030 tel 816-966-9400 P/N 6272. The kit will make Elvis happy as it is the actual BHT approved tool for the job. It weighs nothing and will do so many more jobs such as seals etc.


When you are installing, say a quill, lubricate the o-ring with assembly fluid. Then after heating the case, lubricate the assembly fluid coated o-ring with corrosion x before installation. Makes it slippery as, well, you get the idea. I am told corrosion x is compatible with BHT approved gearbox oils although I have not checked myself.


Often a piece of 3/8 inch fine threaded rod is handy for seal replacement, when a vice or press is not available.


I made a special wide set of jaws that fit into a small puller (for 206 T/R crosshead removal). I use this to hold the coupling caps in place when being re-greased.


I carry a brass brushes for cleaning gun bores, very handy for removing uglyness.


I carry a couple of sheared st/gen shafts welded on to 1/4 drive extensions for doing turbine installs or anything else associated with N1.


I prefer my homemade PT6T-3***** P.S. wrench over the Kell-Strom wrench.


BHT suggests taking two allen keys and notching them to remove worn swashplate trunion bearings. You can also spend several hundred $ and buy a variation from Redbarn distributed by Dart or directly from BHT. I bruise the casting less with a piece of twin otter seat track.


I love my servo alignment work aid. Helps greatly when doing medium servo alignments by helping to hold the servo in place while torquing.


I also yearn for the day P&WC will approve star washes for bleed valves and slot the head of the hard to reach bolt on oil/fuel heaters of PT6T-3****.


I better stop before Elvis rolls over in his grave.


Remember, everything mentioned in this thread is a work aid not a tool.


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The kit will make Elvis happy as it is the actual BHT approved tool for the job. It weighs nothing


Wow a tool that weighs nothing. :o I would love to have an entire tool box of those tools.


How about a link to this Bell approved tool and we will compare it's weight to other crow foot attachments

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I had an apprentice starting to pull all the bolts on a allison 250 for a compressor case half inspection and when I started using some of his tools he accidently had a TORX bit in his screwdriver. I tried it and SHAM WOW, It was one of the best tricks I have learned in the last 2 year and it all happened by luck.

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