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Tools Tips And Tricks

Gary Watson

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I will keep this in mind the next time I'm doing a 100hr when its -30c winds at 15kts gusting 30 and my helper and I drop a blade. I will just tell the office "TwistedSpar" told me to do it on vertical. this fourm is called "tools tips and tricks" thats exactly what I shared. It's a trick that can be used in the FIELD when conventional methods are not reasonably possible. If you or no one else wants to use this advice then thats fine with me. Some jobs are not worth the $100 000 price tag


you do what you gotta do in the bush....I'll do what i have to do, and let me deal with my bosses on my decisions. I suspect one day you'll have to do some of your own explaining with yours.

personal safety is as much a priority as doing the job right. you clearly are lacking both.

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Me thinks TS is a hanger maintainer, not a field maintainer. :blink:


the Duke


i don't really see a difference...maintenance is maintenance regardless of where you're located. bush shortcuts do work from time to time, yet come with risks...how you deal with the added risks separates the chafe from the wheat so to speak. Human factors and workplace safety play a huge part in our industry daily. Roll the dice and sometimes you're a winner, sometimes not.


for your info Dr D, 14 years in the bush out of 20 gives me enough experience to pass judgement and offer opinions.

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It is kind of off-topic, but do most eng's lock their bush boxes while they are away from the staging (sleeping/eating, whatever)

I've never locked mine and thought a little padlock wouldn't do much anyway.


Do you just hide them under tarps and buckets etc.etc.?


I guess, I am lucky to have a trailer to put them in then....But i don't really need to lock anything when your in a logging camp an hour away from civilization. :D 214s dont have a snazzy tail-boom baggage hold either :mellow: bummer.

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