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The "non-rev" Myth....

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If it's flying and I'm at the controls, I don't care who's paying for it, but I'm getting my wage. If not, you can find someone else, I'm just as dead or injured if there's an accident. Moving or test flying A/C is the cost of business, you pay for the fuel, you pay for the pilot. Pretty simple concept really.


I'm not sure how this whole thing started back in the day, but it's absolutely got to be the most ridiculous thing in our industry. Bar none.


When will pilots start to universally demand to be paid for their services? We won't even talk about rates, so at least have the self respect to get money for actually DOING your job.


If this theory were taken to it's extreme, Gov't workers wouldn't be paid at all... Wait a minute, I take it all back!


Tis the season...





Good rant.


I view the flight pay as sharing in the revenue of the operation. Kind of like on a fishing boat where each member of the crew gets a percentage of the haul. Long haul truckers it is the same usually they get a percentage of the revenue. Fixed wing pilots get a per mile rate with some companies.


The non-rev flights are required to get the rev flights, so in my opinion it all comes out in the wash. You could get a lower rate and get paid for the rev flights too, but I don't imagine that is what you have in mind.


Just my opinion.

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I have done two week tours, flown .7 and got paid for 48. I have also done two week tours and flown 100hrs and got paid for 100hrs. Before you go off on your "Blah, Blah Blah, I don't get paid enough, my life sucks" maybe you should look at the big picture.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but you want to be paid for non rev flying because you say you're physically flying the aircraft and the risk is the same whether its rev or non rev. That's fair enough.

The same rationale dictates that you should only get paid when actually flying the aircraft which means no unused minimums, or minimums of any kind for that matter. You can't have it both ways so which way do you want it??

I'm pretty confident you will end up ahead if you choose the unused mins route.

I think 212 wrench hit the nail on the head.

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Guest bag swinnger

When I got into Helicopters I didnt do it for the money, I just wanted to fly.

I was told by pilots already in the industry what to expect for hours and wages. I make more than double what I forcasted for. so I can honestly say that I am content... at least right up untill some oilfeild guy climbs in for a flight anyway. :shock:

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well...in this case....as an engineer I expect to get paid all day long except when i sleep (and even then in some cases it should apply) as I am continually playing out scenarios in my mind on that nagging defect, thinking about planning my time for that next inspection and looking for ways to be more efficient in doing my job.....


I call for 24 hour payscales :punk:


however sarcastic that sounds....I do feel that non rev flights should be paid regardless. the company can make up the shortfall if any.

they're burning the time on the components anyway, so whats a few more bucks in your faithful employees pockets anyways. seems like it's just the simple lillipop to keep the kids happy......

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Seems to be a bit of disparity, should you be paid for training non rev hous and ferry non rev hours?


I believe personally that a non rev ferry should be paid for but have a hard time paying for non rev flight training....


The daily rate guys should be compensated something for the day though eh?



The instructor should be paid for though.

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I think how much you're getting paid and how you're getting paid makes a difference. I'm on straight flight pay + per diem + out of pocket expenses. No daily, no bush. I don't think I'd be able to look myself in the mirror if I tried to get flight pay for training. If I only make minimums for the month, I'll still be making a very good salary. :punk:


I think being contract vs pay scale makes a world of difference as far as those little things go...

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If it's flying and I'm at the controls, I don't care who's paying for it, but I'm getting my wage.


Dosen't your employer pay you a base salary in order to retain your services for such things as ferry flights, ground runs, sweeping floors, etc.?

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Jeezus!!!! We go through this every year! Someone always figures that they are being shafted, or that they should be paid more, or have to work less, etc., etc..... If you don't like it, get out! If you want to be paid like a doctor or a rock star.... go be a doctor or a rock star! #%$&*!!!!

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