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Discovery Channel Fairytale

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if i'm not mistaken the context of the show was about "green" machines....meaning more efficient better for the environment.


I guess in a nutshell it shows that for less fuel burn, you accomplish more faster, therefore the new EC120 is "green" when compared to the old 206.


there is probably a thousand off shoots of that concept, but I kinda think thats the gist of it.

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I was going to bring up this show aswell before I found this thread.


The 120 looks like a fun machine to fly, I hear it could use a bigger power plant though. I would like to see them have to pick up assorted weights and see which one would do more with say 25 minutes of fuel on board.


If they did make shows just for us they'd probably go belly up rather quickly.


Fun to watch for sure. Interesting to see that the 120 glided farther then the good ole jetranger.



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