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Career Killers


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Interesting answers, but nope. The big killer of careers (and this is from owners, chief pilots and ops managers) is:


Wives and girl friends. And I'm not kidding.



This topic was a hot button one that we ended up talking about at great length, with many many many anecdotal examples. One CP had to ground his best pilot because his wife was giving him so much grief about being away, that he nearly crashed because he didn't have his head in the cockpit. What most new pilots don't realize, if they are married or have serious girl friends, is that the novelty of you being away quickly wears thin, regardless of how "understanding" they were at the beginning. You older guys know of where I speak. Yes, I know there are a few of you who have exceptions to this, but in this case, we're talking about the larger percentage of pilots out there, not the manority. Comment?


My comment.


Wow. I have renewed appreciation for my lovely lady wife for putting up with my weird life all these years and never complaining. My wife was never a negative factor in my career which is probably why at 57 I'm still in there and swinging.


A good friend of mine once said " we live an odd life. Half of it we spend with the people we love and care about and who love and care about us.......and the other half we spend at home with our families. :lol: :lol:

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I'll admit, that as many years as I spent in management, yes wives (spouces), and girlfriends can be painfull. If I had one give me an earfull, I respectfully asked the pilot if that conversation had been brought up at home.....and did he feel the same way??? :rolleyes:


The usual responce was, "heck no, send me out to work asap"!! :rolleyes:


I am thinking the biggest career killer is........when one does not have his/her "heart" into their job, in other words, there is no fun or love for it.

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