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Prism Helicopters


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Guest Bullet Remington

The last time I had anything to do with Prism was about 5 or 6 years ago, back when DC was DOM.


At that time they had a pretty nice set-up. Pilots were required to work on the floor for awhile, to get abetter understanding of the machine and what was required to fix it.


Engineers were sent out to the field after they proved themselves in the hangar. When they were sent out, they were provided a :apTop, a cell phone and an account. They could actually access and order parts from stores without actually talking to anybody.


Again, its been a long time, they may have changed. I have yet to hear an engineer have anything bad to say about them.


Was tempted to pull a Magpie and make a cheap comment about "wandering" aimlessly, but I'm all "Turkeyed Out." :wacko:

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