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Vih Job Ad's

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I almost want to apply to you guys simply because these ad's you post up are the most entertaining....who wouldn't want to work for a company that has some humour in their blood.... :punk: :up:




This might sound a bit crazy to some, but there's a perfectly logical explanation... and when I come up with it I'll be sure to fill you in...


Wanted: A couple of pilots to do a 6 month contract in Brazil. Job is flying co-jo in a Kamov. We'd like to have some guys around the 1000-hr mark, with longline time, who want to see the world and are willing to enter the regular program once the contract finishes. Job does not pay much because we're filling the role of Brazilian Nationals with Canadians... it's not for free mind you, and you'd get a Kamov endorsement (and ATPL(H) if you're exams are done... better do 'em quick!!!) and enter the pool upon completion... and it's not like we don't have anything else for you to do... There would need to be criminal background checks and the usual international type stuff, not to mention you'd have to start in the next two weeks... you need to be an adventurer for this one... coin operated pilots won't be interested...


If interested (and interesting... I love a good story) drop me a line... No tire kickers!!











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Anybody that gets the chance to do a tour with Harmonic Vibe should jump at it. Laugh-a-minute. Story teller extraordinaire (sp?). Great guy to work with, just don't forget to bring a strong and willing liver! :lol:


The real life personality makes the job ads seem boring by comparison. :rolleyes:



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LMAO....can you start write'n adverts for us HV, as we are still looking!


Take care of our lad this week, I do not want those logging boys scarin him! :shock:


Would you be too upset if we "borrowed" him for a 6-monther in Brazil? He'd come back tanned!!




P.S. How's this for an ad for you guys?


Tired of snow capped peaks and beautiful alpine meadows? Fed up with huge bills for printing poster size prints of your award winning and breathtaking photos? Sick of testing your intelligence and will against all God can throw at you? Hot and not-so-smart juggies getting on your nerves?


Relief is at hand!!!


Imagine a career where you never have to think again about where or when you're going. A roll of film could last a lifetime, as every wave looks the same. Nothing to run into, except an ex or two on George Street in the wee hours of the morning! Real Estate is cheap and grass doesn't grow, so leave the mower behind and come to the Rock!!!!!


Now accepting resumes for First Officer and Captain positions. Current psychiatric evaluation required. If you've never been arrested, please explain why.



I'm in!!!!! :punk:

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