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Bailey Helicopters Sold!

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As for you Mr. Vibe, well I am speachless, and it is clear that any form of progressive conversation could only have 2 possible outcomes " white or black" . kinda makes for a short and closed coversation so in the end there's no point now is there. ( back to my point about the always and never people).


Now mr. Overtalk, if you are going to enguage in this converation please add something of substance, your solution to hide the truth ( or my perception of it) by simply tuning off the switch genuinly suggests that you have nothing instructive to add.


The whole matter is becoming extremely boring!


But it was a great thrill egging you on!


Good day!

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Well I think DP and Baileys are great people and a great place. I worked there for 3 yrs and wouldnt trade any of it. although I dont miss fsj much. I think it is easy for people to bash the place because it is often used as a stepping stone for other things, but the pay was good and there was always lots of work. and it is fairly common for people to return after some exploring. I noticed one comment that there is lots of head games played in the office, but pilots that have been around a bit will notice that were ever you go there is head games. if anything i found doug to be very true to his word (but you have to do the same). Doug is always analysing because that is his job, which he does very well. If you are looking to work there, expect to work and not just collect, and be honest with management and they will return the favor. it seems that there are many pilots that bash operators after they leave (and some deserve it) and never try to contribute to solve there problems. Never hurts to try.

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You know, there is a quote out there somewhere about discretion being the better part of valour.... but I've never believed in that too much, nor am I as eloquent as my good friend Mr. H. Vibe. So here goes.... Mr. JW Ralph someday you are going to open your big mouth and say out loud all of this crap that you post here and somebody, somewhere is hopefully going to knock you into next week.






Kevin McCormick

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