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Lost Aquaintances....

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Guest Bullet Remington



Ahh... Breakfast of Champions!!


Unfortunately, no. But I gotta tell ya, La Maison du Bullet cooks up a mean scoff!



Some good my son, some good! Make ya tongue stick to da roof o ya mouth!


Now if only I could find a good place, or any place to get Cod tongues and jowls!

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N1 - I ran into Splat in YOW a couple years ago, where he has lived for many years. As far as I know, he''s still here working as a lawyer, but I don''t recall where. I''ll try tracking him down next week - I wouldn''t mind letting him buy me a beer..
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We left YVR in the spring of 94 in OLH, a 61N, and worked our way across the Arctic slinging in support of the North Warning System UAR project. Did a coast to coast to coast run, and ended up in Goose Bay that autumn. Great summer, great flying, great memories. Will keep you posted. 
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Thanks CTD.


The last time I saw him he was heading to Quebec City to go to law-school. I always wondered what happened to him from that point, as no-one out here in the West seemed to know what happened from that point on. Amazing the difference that e-mail and the Internet has made.


Had many adventures working together, pretty talented guy that one.


If you do find him, you''d better tell him to check this site out so we can all harrass him and tell vile lawyer jokes!!!!

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Last I heard Bruce was on the west coast somewhere...John Radul is in St Andrews ..don,t know what he's doing........Good times back then.Many a brew was guzzled in the Trappers or the Headframe.I remember seeing Bob Mackay and Bart both up on the dance floor showing us all the new dance steps.I never knew the human body could contort so much.The place went wild.A bit of Viking PR work I guess.The rest of the night's a total blank.

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