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Right backatcha, Sista! :) Let's just say I have a soft spoke for underdogs and leave it at that, shall we? And BTW, if someone we both know and love makes true on his recent threat to cash in on his frequent-flyer miles and kidnap you to south of the 49th, we may meet yet! :lol: Stranger things have happened!


As for the Jester of the Kangaroo Court's (TS) comment, he wasn't talking about you, Biggs. But it's a prime example of the occasional and highly personal character assassination that is unnecessary, and uncalled for, here at this great place. And that's all I'm gonna say 'bout that. <_<


For Helidude: Nothing personal, guy. I hear you and your concern. Just asking for a little temperance in what is said and nothing more. :rolleyes:

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