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My Palm Trees....

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My palm trees are covered in snow. I have five Windmill Palm trees in my front yard looking over Long Lake here in Nanaimo B.C.


For some strange reason its snowing here, what in **** is going on, we seldom get snow that is why I moved here twenty three years ago.


What happened to global warming? Sh.t I had planned on planting some Coconut Palms but I don't think they would like snow so I guess I'll wait for more signs of global warming.


Maybe this is a sign of the end of the world? I wonder if my backsliding from being a Reverend to my old profession of a Clap Doctor has anything to do with this?


Maybe it is a sign that I am being punished?


Anyone out there have the time to comfort me and reassure me that this is not a sign of the end?


Dr. Chas W.

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Guest bag swinnger

DR. sorry to hear about the bad luck, maybe you should call up the city boys to box up your trees for the winter like they do downtown by the bridge.

I know youre just bragging so you wont get any sympathy here, as I have lived near long lake for most of my life. but now residing in alberta. had to travel out to long lake over christmas to fish in some water that wasnt frozen, it was nice just me and the eagles fishing I think they were up on me by the end of the day though. the forcast here for whitecourt tonight is -34 and I heard a rumour that it going to get pretty cold out there soon so you might want to cover those palm trees with some burlap sacks for a while.

you should probably head over to the longwood pub and keep warm by the fire till it gets a little nicer out. good luck :up:

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Guest graunch1

Tis a balmy -10 or so here in sunny YYC but supposed to get down to -20C tonight :o everyone will be plugging in their cars etc


Funny thing howwever, back in the PM days (pre-metric) it never got cold until it got to -25F. What teh **** happened??? -20C is still shirt sleeve Wx :D


Buck - if you are in Melborne for a while can you check out if there are some guys still rebuilding an ex-RCAF MkV Spitfire some where around there. They got a set of tail feathers from a guy in YYC about 5 years ago and were supposed to have this thing up and running by now.

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