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The Annual Informal Salary Survey

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Hey Lads,


Well summer encroaches on our ski opportunities and thus contract numbers are being batted around.


What should WE be expecting for contract rates on lights and mediums?

Assume a 4-6,000hr pilot with all the useful BC time and skills - LL, fires, Drills etc....


I figure lights @ 150 - 165hr - 3hr mins and perdiems from $50 - 75.

Medium (205/212) @ $225hr - 3hr mins etc.


Is this a wishlist or reasonable? Nothing in this world is getting any cheaper at the moment and I think we need to be getting closer to $100K a year than the offered $70 - 75K.


A couple of companies are balking at the $225hr.


Please! - what's your experience and opinion?

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I think your numbers are good. It might be a little higher than what most companies are paying right now, but I know for a fact that one company at least is putting out similar numbers to what you posted to attract experienced guys.


I'm hoping this starts a trend with more companies.



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Pilots and engineers will get paid what the market will bear! To spurt out numbers and say that it the going rate, or what should be the rate depends on your position. Points to consider other than just the finacial side of things should be type and quality of equiptment,Time off,Quality of people you work with and personel advancement. Depending on the person, the importance of these points will vary!!

Be satisfied with were you work,or change it up!

Fly safe

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This would be the key to the whole thing I would think. Not everyone is worth those numbers.





I guess it does depend on whether you are the one receiving the pay cheque or signing the pay cheque.




It sure is nice when you find an employer that values a pilot or engineer enough to show it with money. :punk:

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