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" The Pilot Shortage..the Pilot Shortage Is Coming

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We all know that CAR's are interpreted differently from region to region and from inspector to inspector.


I also have surfed the regulations and aeronautics act trying to understand how one can conform.......


Can you explain to me why there is no continunity in interpretation from one office to another?


And can you explain how we are expected to conform to something that no one seems to agree on how to interpet?


And of course we will now be faced with reams of amendments with no expetation that they will make things clearer.....



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I will tell you how one must conform.... the Transport Canada approved Operations, MCM, MPM, Maintenance schedules etc. for a company in question must show compliance. If not it will be an audit finding of Transport Canada when they either carry out ramp surveillance or carry out routine company audits, trudt me they will catch it. If the company has a good working Quality and training programs in place it will help prevent the company from embarassing regulatory situations. As pilot and or engineer one was must adhere to how the company-approved manuals by TC are written. If not one will leave themselves wide open. I witnessed it all first hand, I have been through the entire process with Transport, and yes in most cases it is a matter of interpretation, the final and ultimate responsibility rests with the owner. I’d gladly pass on the TC site that deals with fines if you wish, unless you already know about it. Each section of the Regs carries it’s own penalty amount in a $$ value, one for the pilot and or AME and the other for the company. So for example if you were the pilot in command and were performing a task under CARS 625 Appendix “A”, one that you were trained by the company AMO and failed to make a log entry for the elementary task you could be subject to enforcement action, the company could be fined “x” dollars and the pilot “y” dollars…especially if the company Ops and MCM/MPM state that log entries will be carried out under company policy and CARS 625.


Hope this helps a little…..

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Hi again, highbladedown :


Yes I am well aware of the rules and need for compliance to company manuals and proceedures.


However the area of concern that I have is the ability of any TC inspector or manager to interpet the CAR's or any rule or policy in any manner they choose if they wish to show you who is boss.


I do not know what region you are in but we here in the Pacific Region have a real problem with M&M management and a few inspectors who will go out of their way to screw you over if they so wish.


As far as their interpeting the CAR's to fit their own agenda I can assure you that it is a fact.


Trying to receive any relief from any decision that was made by one of their own regardless of how compelling your argument is results in the decision being supported right up the chain of command to the top in Ottawa.


In my opininon there is a corruption of moral integrity within TC Civil Aviation that is systemic right to the top.


I personally would prefeer to deal with street crimminals, if nothing else I can understand why they are the way they are.


Chas W.

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Hey Chas……


What I have found in most cases even experienced and qualified personnel don’t take the time to read company policy let alone follow it, sometimes management prevents this when it comes to their pressure tactics. I took a proactive leadership role to attempt educate people the best way I knew how for the organizations I worked for, not with force but with fact. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not, I took a great deal of grief from upper management because they thought once the manuals were approved they did not have to follow it.


I have spent time in the Ontario and Prairie regions, you think there are problems in the Pacific Region, most but not all Ontario TC inspectors have to be the biggest politically motivated group I have ever met. I am in the latter region at the moment.


What I found out when I was working in Winnipeg for a brief time was that TC was the biggest violator of their own regulations when it came to some of their own aircraft flight authority’s (C of A). They have Jet Rangers flying all over the countryside with many unapproved Mods and repairs combined with unauthorized modifications to existing STC’s and knew about it. Once when I had a problem with an aircraft that fell under my area of responsibility a TC inspector in Calgary tried to run all over me. So under the accompanied URL’s I sent I challenged him and I personally took it to Ottawa and won my case, I would not hesitate to do it again. I used there own written policy to support my case and went to the highest level.


I am in the Prairie area now and have the privilege of working with a real straight shooter as a TC inspector out of Edmonton. He pulls no punches and is firm, yet fair and in my opinion he is one of the good ones, in it for the best of the industry and not his ego. I agree with your “corruption” statement, there are many within the systems that don’t belong within TC. Then there are guys like myself that want to get in (call me nuts) because I’d like to think I might make a ounce of a difference, with 30 years within the industry I can’t do any worse and I’m the type that would sit and listen to concerns such as yours to assist operators better their operations without compromising safety. The TC inspector I work with relates to us as his customer, to me that says it all.







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How refreshing to communicate with someone who is aware of just how low TC has allowed their integrity and fair oversite to descend to.


You must be driven by a firm beliefe that the system can be cleansed of the corruption that is so deeply ingrained to want to seek employment in their system....however please do so and then work with us in industry to bring some integrity back into Transport Canadas relations with their client as they are so fond of referring to us....actually we are their employeer, they just don't seem to understand that concept.


Your linking of the Quality Assurance web site is very germain to this problem of corruption within their system.


If you ever have the opportunity to correspond with Robert Sincennes the Manager of that department you will start to get a good feel of where the cutting out of the cancer that prevails deep within the system should start.


Having spent considerable time appealing to Quality Assurance and following all their proceedures to receive a resolution to my having had my business and savings stolen from me by our Regional office of TC Civil Aviation the results clearly show that under its present leadership " Quality Assurance " is a joke a very sick joke. Maybe someone should do a little research and confirm that these guys are even literate and can read their own mandate that is so clearly outlined in their web site.


I would suggest that the industry needs a ministerial inquiry into the office of "Quality Assurance "


They can contact me and I can supply enough material to close down that operation in the best interest of the public.


It is very good that we can honestly and clearly communicate regarding these very troubling problems that must be solved between the industry and the regulator.


If anyone has problems with my allegations feel free to contact me.....


Chuck Ellsworth

290 Deer Lane

Nanaimo B.C. V9T 4Y2





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I thank you for passing on your thoughts and I am sorry to hear about your business and your savings. I surfed into you website and I would think that a person of your integrity and the wealth of aviation knowledge and experience would command more respect than what you have been shown, that clearly is disturbing. It’s clear to see that you have an overwhelming passion for aviation, something others can learn from.


I don’t think that I’d be able to change the system or cleanse the program, just try and make a minuscule difference and work with good aviation people for the overall benefit of the industry. Driven yes, persistent absolutely, pigheaded fits in there as well. My problem is that I am to **** honest and safety conscience, I’d want to see and work with successful operators and individuals to help them succeed, there are enough slimy operators out there that require more attention than those willing to try to show diligence. Like I said, no one is perfect and I think that those that are really trying to show diligence should be given the guidance and assistance required to continue operating within the aviation community.


I hope that I am correct with regards to my thinking……..




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May I respectfully make a comment?


Unless we as individuals stand up and make our " minuscule" difference nothing will change.


What I want everyone that reads my story in this debacle between myself and the regulator to think about is the fact that I am standing up for what I believe to be in the best intrest of Aviation..... Please note that I am willing to put everythiong on the line by allowing everyone both inside TC and outside TC to examine me and my characther and integrity. This was not an easy decision to make, just imagine what any of you would feel like knowing how many people will try and destroy your self worth to protect their own best intrest. Also please take the time to wonder what I thought the chances were to go up against the system as it is now run under its present management in the top levels of Government. I am doing this to hopefully make a difference in the way we are regulated.


If I succeed it will benefit all of us, those within the regulator and those of us outside of the regulator.


If I fail at least I have done my best.


Before I came into contact with the few TC scum that thought they could destroy not only me and my business but also those who were and would be employed by me my only concern about corruption was those in industry. The slippery and outright crimminal operators who have historically raped the industry. I really had no idea that within the regulator there was this level of pure self serving corrupt individuals making a mockery of the very foundation of trust that I would hope should exist between law abiding decent people within commercial aviation and those who are sworn to guarantee that the regulations and rules are fairly and evenly regulated and enforced.


Thank you for your comments and support, my web site is only a very brief outline of my background, to bad these people that screwed me over did not take into consideration the simple fact that I do fear them, **** they are nothing but cowards hiding behind their misguided beliefe they can flaunt their power without question...


Looks like they made a big mistake this time.



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