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A New Year


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Happy New Year to all those still in 2003 from those of us already in 2004. I can tell you that if you are coming to New Zealand your New Years Day will be perfect blue sky weather and 28 deg celcius.


Seriously have a great 2004, and hope you get everything you want, and that includes blow up sheep for 407D and CTD B)


Heli Ops

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Hey Biggles:


When you say have a couple for me, are you refeering to group sex?


Cause I am sort of naive and very inexperienced in life, but I read somewhere about groups that sort of experiment..


Sorry to bother you, but I am practicing the art of looking at all the possible meanings of everything I read to better prepare myself on how to understand the CAR's. Cause I really want to be a good pilot / mechanic with an open mind so I can explore every nuance of what I read.


Have a very good new year...your firend ......


Dr. Chas W.

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