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Crashabaska Airways

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I never did work for floyd but knew some guys that did...frank r for one...did a lot of time around hidden bay in 80/81...went with the great dane to do a job at U city...spent a night or two in buffalo narrows and lived to tell about it...now that was scary...wet thru La Ronge a few times flying for midwest...regular route going south from ft mac...was on a fire in ft smith in 79...viking was there and alpine,and the green/white gazelle from buff airways...a couple of alouettes...one crashed...there was a 500 as well,painted up with the red/white/blue stars and stripes...have a picture of it...don't know who was on it :shock:

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mr glass put me to work pumping fuel after i spent 4 days in his reception area (may '81)... "If you aren't gonna leave, you might as well pump gas for us!"...


will never forget the photo in the CP's office... a 5 yr old (?) native lad looking up at mr diefenbaker in the middle of a tall grass field with the 206 and CP way back in the background... a very powerful photograph... would love a copy of THAT shot!

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Athabaska gave me my start in the industry. I started in 89 and broke a 1000 hours on the S55T (BVP) on a summer fire contract in Pelican Narrows. I worked 2 years for Flloyd, Bob and Jim. Had a lot of good times there and still keep in contact with a few of the guys I worked with. One of the engineers that worked there when I started whom I have a huge amount of respect for works for us now.

They gave a fair number of pilots their start in the industry.



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Reflecting back to the Buffalo Airways machines, OCA and the Hughes 500D painted in the pride of America paint scheme.

The people who crewed it would of been Al Engst, Cam Allen, Mike Duff, Doug B and Dave Reid.

That was a few fires ago.


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