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Pool Pilot Vs Base Pilot


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I agree with the two weeks on, two weeks off rotation. It is what works for me and my wife. The first week she gets all the stuff done that I was in the way for and the second she is looking forward to me coming home. :rolleyes: If you throw in a third week it gets hard on her and she is number one for me with anything else a far far second. It is far easier finding another job than someone you love. All that said, our company was in a pinch so here I am on week three but this has only ever happened once before and it was presented as my choice.

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What about the contract pilot option? This way you decide when you want to work and for who. As with anything in this business there are certain pro's & con's, but at least you have options. This may not be the best choice for all, but in the end it is up to you to decide how long you wish to work and for what price.

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