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Hot Shot?

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They use all sorts of 'funny' terms in the yellow pages; hot shot, ad hoc, etc...


Isn't a hot shot one of those things you shake up and put in your mitts to keep your fingers from freezing? Sure coulda used some of those fuelling the plane tonight. -30 degrees plus wind chill! cj

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"Hot Shot" is a term used alot in logistics work. It's used quite alot in the Oil Patch and means that the Vendor can be called on at any time without notice and will transport whatever needs to be shipped out to location.............at a price of course!


I've done alot of Hot Shotting for various customers all over North America and a few over seas.............great dealing with customers that say "Price is no issue, just get it there ASAP".


Hot Shots are great for the profit margin! :o



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