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Blasted Radios

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If I have my information right, the loggers will transmit on 123.2 before setting off an explosive charge while road building. This makes sense on the Queen Charlotte Islands where the low level air space designated frequency is 123.2.

Almost all VFR coast (Pacific) pilots fly on that frequency too so it is not a hardship to hear the warning before the blast.

However most low level VFR pilots tune into 126.7 away from the coast. Does that mean they won't hear the blasters warning? Or maybe there is so little blasting it doesn't matter.

Maybe all low level airspace should be 123.2 (and that way one doesn't have to listen to Japanese Airlines @ 35,000' giving a position report while several aircraft are converging on each other).

I am assuming of course that most VFR operations are similarly impoverished and do not outfit their aircraft with more than one VHF.

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