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    • Don't use ATF for an additive contary to what a lot of old timers will say. One time they use to say it was good for cleaning injectors. It has friction modifiers in it and is designed not to burn. Basic non detergent 2 stroke oil is one of  your cheapest and best lube options from the tests I've read in my research. Ive burned lots of Jet A with 2 stroke oil trouble free in a common rail cummins. Also use to add some power service as well to boost the cetane #'s as jet fuel is low in cetane.One thing to think about jet fuel though and new diesels with emission systems like exhaust filters is jet fuel contains a lot of sulphur that would clog emissions crap.   I wouldn't run Jet B in my truck though to get back to the original question. 
    • After 70 pages of "Hogwash", why are airlines using miles that never change, between A & B  for log book enteries converted to air time, depending on the knots of the particular aircraft. Mileage Rate has been accepted for Fixed Wing aircraft since tariffs came into effect.  The only rate that is in question is the hourly rate charged by both Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing aircraft. The only charges applicable is when said a/c takes-off and returns for it's final landing. Manufacturers have stated that there is no STRESS on any a/c idling on the ground or taxing.  Air Time (Stress Time) is the only time to be entered in the Technical Log. As I have stated before operators have control of "Air Time" which becomes a cost factor in relation to the life of the a/c and the components attached. When doing an Audit its easy to confirm the invoiced hours against the Tech Log entry are the same. Flight Time is only applicable to aircrew and has nothing to do with overhaul or life of the aircraft or components. When I was Audting on behalf of PWGSC (after completing a Transport Canada Audit Course) I visited just about every opertor in Canada doing business on a contracting basis with the Feds. I also worked with Export Development Corporation and USAF Audit Team from Scott Airforce Base, auditing all Canadian Airlines doing business transporting American contractors or personnel. One thing the USAF taught me was if they were not happy a company, they were put on notice and not used. In actual  fact one company was put on notice after they had been visited by Transport Audit from Moncton two days prior to our arrival. Needless to say they were slightly embarrased, when I informed them of our findings.    The whole system of Transport Civil Aviation needs a complete overhaul and get some people in there that care about avaition and not writing a two page memo on something that can be said in a paragraph. Use the "KISS" principal and enforce it  
    • Hahahahahahahahaha that’s awesome. Well said freck
    • We Can supply  Aviation Kerosene,Jet fuel (JP 54-A1,5), Diesel (Gas Oil) and Fuel Oil D2, D6,ETC in FOB/Rotterdam only, if you want in rotterdam buyer must own tanks in Rotterdam serious buyer should contact or if you have serious buyers my seller is ready to close this deal fast contact us below:now base email  us (neftegazagent@yandex.ru) PRODUCT AVAILABLE IN ROTTERDAM/ CI DIP AND PAY IN SELLER EX-SHORE TANK. Russia D2  50,000-150,000 Metric Tons  FOB Rotterdam Port. JP54 5000,000 Barrels per Month FOB Rotterdam. JA1 Jet Fuel 10,000,000 Barrels FOB Rotterdam. D6 Virgin Fuel Oil 800,000,000 Gallon FOB Rotterdam. E-mail: neftegazagent@yandex.ru
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