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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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Looking at some of the posts lately I thought it was a good time to ask people about some of the experiences they have had with different employers.


(A quick word of caution here. Be very careful you do not LIBEL anybody). :blink:


Here are two examples, neither of which happened in Canada.


The best employer I ever worked for was a guy who ended up in jail for de-frauding the banks of several million dollars over some helicopter deals.

Thing is, this fellow gave me a chance and got me into the industry when I was a 100 hour wonder. He always paid top dollar (even when I was learning), and up to the day the cops dragged him away he always paid his pilots on time. A real gentleman.


Another employer of mine also ended up in jail (I know, gave me a complex for a while) This owner owed me several thousand dollars - a goodly sum 20 years ago -and gave me a rubber check when I left to take a job that actually paid real money.

I put the lawyers on to him only to find out a week or two later he had been arrested for murder over a drug deal. You can bet that I cut my loses and ran on that one.


Anyway, my point is there are good, there are bad, and there are indifferent, but someone always ends up working for them.

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