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Canadian Operators - Please Check

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If you do not see your company listed in the list below, then we do not have a completed profile for it.


Please visit http://chod.verticalmag.com or forward someone within your company this link.


Aberdeen Helicopters Ltd.

Advantage Helicoptes Inc.

Aerial Recon Ltd.

Airborne Energy Solutions

Airborne Engines Ltd.

Airspan Helicopters Ltd.

Alpine Helicopters Ltd.

Alpine Helicopters Ltd.

Avialta Helicopter Maintenance Ltd.

Bailey Helicopters Ltd.

Base Helicopters

Bighorn Helicopters Flight School

Bighorn Helicopters Inc.

Black Hawk Helicopters Inc.

Black Swan Helicopters Ltd.

BLR Aerospace

Campbell Helicopters Ltd.

Canadian Air-Crane Ltd

Canadian Helicopters

Canadian Helicopters Limited School of Advanced Flight Training

Capital Helicopters (1995) Inc

Central Helicopters Inc.

Chinook Aviation Inc

Coast Helicopter College

Coulson Aircrane

D.F. Capital Ltd. Heli-Leasing

Day Aviation

Delta Helicopters Ltd

East West Helicopters

Eclipse Helicopters Ltd

Edmonton Police Service

E-Z Air Helicopter Services

Fex Aviation Inc.

Fireweed Helicopters Ltd.

Flight Check Limited

Four Seasons Aviation Ltd

Gateway Helicopters Ltd.

Gemini Helicopters Inc.

Great Lakes Helicopter

Great Slave Helicopters Group of Companies

Harbour Air Ltd.

Héli Excel inc

Heli Horizon inc

Heli-College Canada Training Inc.

Helicopter Company Inc., (The)

Helicopter Leasing

Helicopter Transport Services (Canada) Inc.

Hélicoptères Transit Ltée

Helicopters Canada

Helifor Canada Corp.

Helijet International Inc.

Heli-Lift International Inc.

HeliQwest Aviation Inc

HeliQwest International Inc.


High River Aviation

High Terrain Helicopters Ltd.

J.B. Air Inc.

Jetport inc.

Kokanee Helicopters Inc.

Lakelse Air Ltd.

Les Hélicoptères Panorama Ltd.

London Air Services Ltd.

Mountain View Helicopters

Mustang Helicopters Inc

National Helicopters Inc.

National Research Council, IAR/FRL

Newfoundland Helicopters Limited

Nite Owl North America Ltd

North Central Helicopters Ltd.

Northern Air Support Ltd.

Northern Lights College - AME & Type Training

Nova Scotia Natural Resources

Okanagan Mountain Helicopters

Passport Helico | Qubec Helicopteres Inc.

Pemberton Helicopters

Peregrine Helicopters

Peregrine Helicopters

Phoenix Heli-Flight Inc.

Precision Helicopters Inc.

Prism Helicopters Ltd.

Provincial Helicopters Ltd.

Provincial Helicopters ltd.

Quantum Helicopters Ltd.

Resource Helicopters Ltd

Ridge Rotors Inc.

Riverside Helicopters Ltd.


Sander Geophysics Ltd.

Sarvair Aviation

Select Helicopter Services Ltd.

Sequoia Helicopters Ltd

Shunda Helicopter Service Ltd.

Silverline Helicopters Inc.

Skyline Helicopters Ltd.


Talon Helicopters Ltd.

Tasman Helicopters Ltd

Tech Helicopters Ltd.

Thebacha Helicopters Ltd.

Trans North Helicopters

Transwest Air

Transwest Helicopters Ltd.

Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Ltd.

Valhalla Helicopters Inc.

Valley Helicopters Ltd.

VIH Aviation Group

VIH Helicopters Ltd.

Vista Helicopters Ltd.

West Coast Helicopters Ltd.

Western Aerial

Western Forest Products Inc.

White River Helicopters Inc.

White Saddle AIr Services Ltd.

Wildcat Helicopters

Wilderness Helicopters Ltd

Wisk Air Helicopters

Woodlawn Instruments Ltd.

Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd.

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