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China Helicopter Expo - Don't Miss It!

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Exhibitors: Don't miss this opportunity to reach the Chinese Helicopter Market!


AVIC II and affiliated companies invite you come to Beijing for the China Helicopter Expo 2007 . Any company interested in helicopter related business with China should attend.


This is the first helicopter event sponsored by AVIC II, China's sole domestic producer and manufacturer of commercial helicopters. The highest ranking officers in the aviation industry will attend.


Meet the leaders who make the decisions and determine the future of China's helicopter industry. More than 200 domestic companies will attend. R & D and joint manufacturing cooperation will be the primary focus of the Expo. Less than 20% of Chinese helicopter parts are made domestically. China needs technology and production collaboration.


AVIC II predicts exponential growth in the country's civil helicopter inventory. In 20 years, China will have an estimated 2,763 helicopters in service, up from just 140 in 2006. The Central Government has made the manufacture of helicopters the highest priority.


Exhibitors and attendees will have unprecedented access to AVIC II officials. AVIC II created a "Want List" including more than 50 technologies, parts and services. Special Recommendation Seminars are scheduled for the second day of the Expo. Seminars will offer suppliers an opportunity to present their products directly to helicopter manufacturers and AVIC II decision makers.


The Expo will be held in Beijing, home of AVIC II, December 10, 11, 12, 2007 at the Beijing International Convention Center (BICC), across the street from the site of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


AVIC II invites you to come to Beijing, meet the AVIC II decision makers, and join in building the future Chinese civil helicopter industry forecasted to become the largest civil helicopter market in the world.


Exhibitor Registration:





If you have further questions, please call Steve McIntosh at +1 805 963 4095 or email: stevemcintosh@mac.com


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