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Anyone Training At Gsh Flight School In Springbank This October?


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Anyone from here training at GSH flight school in October? Did you find any places to stay yet?


I'm not training with GSH, but I do start training with Bighorn on Sept 15. I'm lucky enough to be able to stay at my brother's apartment, but before he offered up his spare room I spent a lot of time searching online for Calgary apartments, suites, etc. There's *tons* of places to stay, but nothing real cheap. Renting a room or sharing a place obviously saves a few bucks over renting a whole apartment to yourself, and lots of those shared places will be already furnished.


Have you tried googling "Calgary student accommodation" or something like that?


Good luck in your hunt, and see you around CYBW!


- Darren

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I have looked around, i found a few but i think the best deal would be for 2 guys to get in on a small house or basement suite to cut down on the costs. Right now it looks like i can get a one bedroom apartment place for about $1000/month, but if i can get a two bedroom and two people split the costs of lets say, $1200/month, it would save a bit of money. I'm looking in Cochrane and the west side of Calgary. It's not easy over the interenet. When do you start training?

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