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Flight bags

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On 3/31/2003 6:50:35 AM vnavcap wrote:

My research has shown me that if I want something that is going to last I need to spend at least 400 bucks.


You can certainly spend that kind of money if you want to, but $400 sounds very expensive to me. I think that you can get a quality bag for considerably cheaper if you shop around. But since you''ve already done your research ...


What kind of flight bag are you interested in? Something for light aircraft, or a leather job to tote around approach plates etc. in an Airbus?

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You can probably save money by buying it at a luggage / briefcase store rather than a pilot supply outfit ... as with most things, the price seems to double whenever the word "aviation" is tacked on. In other words, shop for a "catalogue case" rather than a "flight bag".


I''m not a professional pilot but I am a lawyer ... and my old litigation case that I bought at Grand and Toy for $100 seven years ago is still going strong. Premium leather etc. etc. is nice to have, but not really necessary.

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