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S.m.s. And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

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SMS the buy in huh. Well after sitting in on the sms meetings at HAC this past weekend I am of the opinion that sms is what you make it. As long as you make something. Bow tie charts and flow charts. That's great. looks good. Still there wasn't any indication about how all this info is supposed to get to the rest of the industry. If I generate a risk anaysis on every facet of my operation how does this info get to others? There is going to have to be an SMS reporting to the other guy web site or something. We can have a safety meeting every morning on the sat phone linkup! yeah that's it. Safen up everybody.Zipper down pecker out. Remember pecker in BEFORE zipper up. We are still going to have accidents and incidents this year, you watch. Then someone will have to come up with another swiss cheese model or another type of chain of events model both of which seem to me to be something you use AFTER an accident/incident.

As for Best Practices. The senior TC guy that was there seemed blase' about the whole thing. Sort of quote"Well you send it in to us when you're done and we'll see" mumble mumble mumble. There was a few statements about bottom feeder companies from the board. Thats great to hear from senior reps from HAC and TC. I wanted to ask for a definition of bottom feeder from them then ask why they have invented some type of new company scaling system. Do bottom feeders have low rates or do they have low rates and no sms in place? Or are they just not members of HAC? Best Practices seems to be a very good idea however. It looks like the HAC team has spent the last year wisely. Now the lawyers should step aside and industry should step up and not just heavy hitters, but all of the middle feeders and upper feeders as well.

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