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Puddle Jumper

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Just to clear up any confusion I do hold a commercial license. I do enjoy flying but would consider a career twisting wrenches just to keep near helicopters. And I would hope that if I did choose this root it would allow me to still dabble in flying....flight tests, relocating to jobs etc. Having made the mistake of wrecking my personal credit with taking flight training money is a major issue. Part of the problem is that all of this will be coming directly out of my pocket with no borrowed money.....I don't want to go back into debt. So I am weighing the pros and cons pretty heavily. Afterall once I get out of school I will be back at 10 dollar per hour job twisting wrenches....a wage that I made in high school!! Will a company be interested in hiring a apprentice with a little flight experience? Or will this be to my disadvantage? Just don't know and have very little time to decide!

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I was in your shoes once puddle jumper . Pilot liscense before a AME liscense. I did get my foot in the door once but the company went broke later that year. The chief engineer pulled a favor and got me in Northern Lights College almost immediatly. I never really bothered going back to the flying as I found being an ame was in my blood. Must be from growing up on a farm or something.

But if i ever wanted to do some flying, there would never be a problem in finding some work as i get calls every year to get some stick time.

But as far as schools go , I recomend Northern lights. If you want , you'll come out of there with alot of 206 and 350 experiance as a 1st year apprentice.

The 2nd reason is that there is a nudy bar within crawling distance but thats something I look at as far as schools go.

I'll personally . not go flying as a career again cause all these years as an ame has made me a nervious pilot. I find I concentrate on what I hear behind me as what I should be doing thats in front of me.

good luck in your furure though puddle jumper

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Monday afternoon at Sait half my class were taking bible study as they were off to be a missionary,Monday aft in Dawson creek........STRIPPERS>>>>>>>>>>>

You go to see who is the new ones for the week...and the Fire hose cracked me up vs Sait with the airconditioned hangers..After seeing the pilots sitting out all day for a .2 or .4 with a crew,sickened me on flying full time though...

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