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Phpa Human Factors Safety Conference

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PHPA has finalized the following agenda for its upcoming Human Factors Safety Conference in Biloxi, Mississippi. This first conference is being used to lay the ground work for the annual event which hopes to develop new and innovative ideas on ways to prevent human factors accidents. By involving the working line pilots directly in the process, PHPA hopes to generate new and unique ways of looking at prevention techniques and eventually developing different approaches to the prevention of human factors accidents which are tailored to specific areas of the helicopter industry. More on the conference details can be found at http://www.autorotate.org/autorotate/safety2004/index.html


If you are a helicopter pilot interested in ways to make our profession safer, please join us in Biloxi.







OCTOBER 15 - 17, 2004












09:00 Opening Remarks - BUTCH GRAFTON, President PHPA


09:30 - GLEN HERPST, Chief, Operations and Airworthiness Section, ICAO


10:30 Human Factors Analysis and Classification System - KELLY TEAGUE, Senior Safety Investigator Instructor, Transportation Safety Institute



12:30 LUNCH


14:00 American Eurocopter - JIM KETTLES


15:30 Sikorsky Helicopter - MICHAEL SKAGGS


16:30 Risk Management Army Safety Center Initiatives - CW5 WESLEY HEDMAN, US Army


18:00 Conclude for the day






09:00 GOM risk assessment - TOM WORKMAN, Air Contract Management Lead, Shell Oil Company


10:15 Why are we still having so many fatal accidents? - JAMES SZYMANSKI, Bell Helicopter




12:00 LUNCH


13:30 Flight Instruction Safety - DALE KEIL, Safety Manager, Lear Siegler


14:30 Approach and Landing Accident Reduction - TERRY PALMER, CRM Facilitator, FAA Program Safety Counselor


16:00 GOM and EMS discussion groups.






09:00 Group Breakfast

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