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Working In Aussie...

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Hey folks,


Recently came across a possible job opportunity down under. The CP over there is looking for some info to help out his decision on bringing a Canadian over. Anyone know about length of the Visa? From what I gather its a 12 month visa with a possible 12 month extension for work if sponsored by a company. Canadian licenses are accepted over on that side of the pond after you write ( and pass hopefully) the Oz air law exam? All info or experiences on the issue would be greatly appreciated and hopefully this thread gets some more responses then what jackets people are wearing! Cheers everyone!

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Had to do this when the company I used to work for sent machines down there. Getting the longer duration Visa is quite the process. A fair bit of paperwork, but the kicker is how long it takes the Aussies to process it :wacko: I believe you are correct about just having to write the exam to have your license accepted. I have had Aussie and Kiwi pilots tell me this, and I know thats how it works for engineering licenses.

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For the Aussie License, it depends on what license you are converting from and what reg machine you will be flying. If you are flying a VH (Australian Reg) then you need to get the Australian license. If you only have a Canadian CPL(H) then you need to do the Australian Commercial Air Law Exam and a CPL(H) Flight Test. If you are converting from an ATPL (H) then you don't need to do the flight test, but you will also have to do an Australian ATPL Air Law Exam. Both exams have loads of books to go with them, as its open book, but keep in mind, they are not completely easy. Some very detailed questions requiring some thorough research.


You will also have to apply for an Aviation Security Card (ASIC). This will take about 2-3 months, even though they say 4 weeks.


For visas, as a Canadian you are allowed to get a 1 year work and travel visa, but only until 30 years of age. Otherwise the sponsorship thing is tricky. Last year the only way to sponsor a pilot in Australia was as a flight instructor. No commercial pilots allowed. However, a few months ago I believe that has changed and sponsorship for commercial pilots may be possible now. You would have to check the Govt website.


It's all very expensive and a very long time taking process. Dealing with CASA (Australian Aviation Authority) is a nightmare. You will also have to get a CASA Class 1 medical. Certain parts of the medical are only allowed to be done in Australia. All costs a chunk of money. Going to an AME, then a separate eye doctor. Make sure you apply for your ARN number before even heading that way to get the ball rolling. You can't do anything without having an ARN number.


It's all a different story if you are going down there for a Canadian company with Canadian machines. Pm me if you have more questions.


Good luck!

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