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Advice For Mountain Flying

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To know ur HOGE chart???????? Oh yeah they r bang on on a Bell............. I use those every day....as a mater of fact a couple times a day..........LAMO :up: Hey Sisy..whats the deal with ur wind Azimuth could u explain that to.......

And u go Heliskiing make sure ur wrench......changes the Flux compensator every night..... :up:


Oh yes in UUROPP we take one Blade of so we can fly closer to the Mountains ......


last ...don`t fly faster then ur Guardian Angel............VNE GA right???

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changes the Flux compensator every night.


I believe it is called a FLUX CAPACITOR and it is only found on TTC (time travel certified) helicopters and yes, we change it every 100 hrs! :up:

You will notice however that it is not available on the newer version of the R44 since that a/c apparently already defies all laws of physics!!! :shock:


Carry on gentlemen!!

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