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Artificial Horizon Requirement

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FYI. The requirement for instrumentation on the left side of the mediums has nothing to do with the vertical reference door operations. You will find that the requirement comes under the installation for dual controls. Check the bell service instruction for installation of dual controls. When the duals are indtalled flight instruments must be duplicated on the left side.



Its all required equipment when PIC with either STC for Bell mediums for L/H drive, in addition to the SI for installing duals. Bell probably meets the requirement for instruments and gages for each pilot station and then the STC may or may not add gages and switches to meet compliance with TCCA regulations and expectations. Passengers or no passengers PIC. AC 500-021 Issue 1 lists the required equipment availiable for alternate side drive for normal and transport category rotorcraft, generic, but it is the unofficial list for companies applying for change in PIC location. The STC for Bell mediums will need to comply with this AC for STC certification:



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