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What The!( X2!)

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<_< Come on......Are things out there that "ANAL", that we would be that concerned ,about a few post's? .......Jeez, lighten up already, this is a forum........ not alway's "POLITICALLY CORRECT", but some place to perhaps "AIR" an opinion,( or a view). WE, as an aviation community, do not always have to agree (thank GOD). One of the things that I have alway's appreciated within this fraternity, is the "individaualism" that makes us "ALL" unique! It's a helluva lot better than being another sheep in the herd. In other words, speak now....or forever hold your peace. WE ARE ALL ENTITELD TO AN OPINION, one of the benefites of the "NET" is that we can express it. If you can not "HANDLE THE TRUTH", bail out, and go back to the dark ages....and perhaps the closet, which for some......IS A SAFE PLACE... ;)
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