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Canadian Aviation Executives Safety Network

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Transport Canada has recently created the Canadian Air Executives Safety Network (CAESN). This is an adjunct to Safety Management Systems about which doubts of success have previously been expressed.


This sort of thing must cost money. Rarely do executives participate in anything if at the very least their expenses are not paid. Perhaps they also receive a stipend of some sort. If this perception is erroneous, please correct it.


The aviation industry at the corporate level is already well represented. There are lobby groups that represent both fixed and rotary wing operators. Could not the objectives of something like CAESN have been accomplished by working through these existing organizations?


The rank and file of bush pilots, both fixed and rotary, does not have a voice. They continue to be marginalized if not ignored. Why does not TC create a Canadian Engineers and Pilots Safety Network? Is it not essential that their voices also be heard independent of their corporate masters? Are not engineers and pilots an important part if not the most important part of aviation safety.


It becomes more and more difficult not to conclude that the grip that capitalism has on aviation safety is promoted and condoned by TC.

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Why does not TC create a Canadian Engineers and Pilots Safety Network


Sounds like a great idea. A similar thing was tried by our own Blackmac, sadly it didn't work despite his hard work and determination. I personally don't hear many here complaining about lax safety issues at their work place, be it pilot or AME. If there were, ships would be falling out of the sky and the term "pilot error" would never have been coined.

From what I've heard from the pilots and AMEs I know is that how they regulate their corporate masters is through their work. If their "master" is negligent in known safety issues...they leave. And so starts a chain reaction that if not corrected by the corporation, will bury them. Problem solved.

In my view pilots and engineers know the buck stops with them as far as safety goes. The AME signs a ship out of the shop, and the pilot signs off by chosing to start the engine after checking one last time that all is as it should be.

I think pilots do have a voice...their own. No one puts a gun to their heads and says "FLY!" It seems that the hardest thing for some to learn is how to say no.

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