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Finding landing ordinance info

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I am trying to find information about laws and ordinances for a specific address in Glen Arm, MD. This is my brothers house that

I would hope to keep a helicopter there if possible. Who would I check with to see if this is a possibility. I am not having much luck 

searching online. Thanks for the help!

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If I was doing this in Canada, I would:

1. Get written permission from the landowner to authorize the landing (see #2)

2. Have your brother notify the local constabulary re the date and time of the landing, to pre-empt panicked calls from local residents (see #1)

3. Flight plan or flight note with the lat/long of your brother's property

4. Plan for approach/overshoot directions taking into account restricted areas,cattle farms, horses, emus, llamas, ermines, mink farms, sensitive people with firearms, eagle sanctuaries, protected areas, ammo dumps and nervous chihuahuas (humour intended, but closer to reality than you think)

If you're operating in less than sparse countryside, then you have to take into account altitude restrictions for overflight of built up areas and people..

At least that's what I would consider north of the 49th parallel... 



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