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If anyone plays the stock market, here is your X-Mass gift.

Trigon Eploration , Symbol is TEL on the TSX Venture exchange.

It is a diamond co. that has spun off into Uranium Co.

Do your DD on Stockhouse Bullboards chat room, and have fun.

Merry Christmass

It is trading around a dollar today and is expected to be $5 by early Jan. and $15 plus in Jan 2007. Good Luck

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SUBJECT: The Future - Buckle Up Tel Holders Posted By: hjangel

Post Time: 12/23/2006 14:23

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"Uranium expert James Finch sees nothing but blue sky for uranium explorers and producers, particularly the juniors. In a recent article in The Conservative Voice, Finch said:

"Barring a miraculous 'recovery' announcement from Cameco about the company's Cigar Lake project in late January or early February of 2007, shares of many of the junior uranium companies, especially the real near-term uranium producers, could be in for a rocket ride through early March 2007."


If you look at the performance of some of those juniors in 2006, that would be a second rocket ride. The TSX Venture Exchange has seen an explosion of junior uranium mining listings in the last couple of years, and many of them have already seen spectacular price increases - especially in the wake of the Cigar Lake debacle."


Think its going to be plenty more of a very good thing for all who've chosen to invest in TEL





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