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Over the past week, I, as I am sure all of you, have felt a deep sorrow.


There has been so much bad news.


It makes me wonder some times why we do what we do. I realize that could be me, and lets face it, it's only a matter of statistics. If you fly long enough, something bad will happen.


We accept the risk, both pilot and engineer, but truly why do we do it, because nothing beats building a drill on a mountain top! Doing 2 min turns with a bucket in a 2 million dollar machine. Thats as cool as it gets.


I have always said, "it takes 2 of us to make money with a heli, cheers to or maintenance crews. I believe we are blessed with the most professional wrenches in aviation.


I am curious to hear from some of you , why and how you accept the risks we live with every day?


I'm having a few beers tonight, so cheers to my fallen comrades, and the many who been affected by all this bad news, RIP!!!


To all of you, my hopes and prayers to be safe and careful.


DW, thank you !










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An excellent note Rob I am surprised it took so long for someone to post this type of comment.

As I sit here having my morning coffee looking out to another beautiful day in northern BC preparing for another day in the air I share your thoughts.

My routine is differnet today as it has been all week...

My day starts earlier - my DI lasts longer - my maint. questions concerns are voiced and answered.

The impact of our recent fallen brothers has affected me very deeply. Yes I to ask myself the same questions as you!

I just don't understand the spike in all these accidents, show me an SMS system that would have saved our brothers. Show me an Ops. manual, MCM that would have saved our brothers.

All of us 20 year plus pilots who have been lucky enough not to have had an incident must be asking ourselves is it my turn next?

For me it comes down to diligence - we must always continue to learn from our maint. brothers and fellow drivers asking questions / voicing concerns - there are no dumb ones.

Once the engine is started if you have one outstanding question- you've screwed up - your first strike has already happened.

Once the engine is started it's all about the task at hand - a safe flight for all - another experience / story for after hours conversation.

One of the biggest things to me is that we have lost - my guess - over 50,000 hours of aviation experience.

We have lost our mentors and all of the experience that circulated around the water coolers. Our young drivers and old drivers alike will miss this - it's tragic but it also puts more pressure on the rest of us to help our brothers both pilots and wrenches. Help your brothers - help them find the answers! Share your experience.

I suppose that some day we might wake up and say not today I am done!

But not today - it's beautiful and I can't wait to fly into the mountains - spot a mosse or a grizz and marval at all the beauty that surrounds us. The pain in my heart that has me suffering for the familys of our lost friends will be there for a long time but today they fly with us - its comforting to know that they will fly with us every day looking over our shoulders. That's what makes me wake up before my alarm goes off.




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