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Thanks For The Support


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On behalf of my staff here at TRK Aviation, Darren, Chris, Andrew, Ryan, Naomi and Heidi, I would like to thank all of our vendors, sub-contractors and customers for your incredible support over the last two years; we experienced tremendous growth in a very brief time; unfortunately, we have reached the point where re-structuring is necessary.


We could not have accomplished even half of it without the support of our local vendors, specifically John @ Aeronav Avionics, Jasen @ Heli Welders Canada, and Lee @ Canadian Heli Structures; I have recieved exceptional support from each of these companies and their staff and urge everyone to consider the services they offer-they have rescued me on more than one occasion and performed miracles on several occasions; I have been able to return AOG aircraft to service and add multiple aircraft to TRK's fleet in very short order with the limited resources I had available; these companies have contributed greatly to all the success TRK's maintenance department had and on behalf of my staff I would like to say a hearty "Thank you, you made us look good."


Thank you also to Eurocopter Canada and Turbomeca Canada and their staff and technical support people; it was a pleasure to meet and work with you; I look forward to the next chapter.


To everyone who took the time to send me a resume, thank you for your interest; I will be taking your resume with me and look forward to meeting you again at my new position.


My final day will September 30th; please forward all inquiries to Randy Marks @ TRK Helicopters after this date. Thank you.


Jeff Nagy, DOM, TRK Helicopters.

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