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Pilot Life Insurance

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Just wondering who has life insurance, through whom, and at what price. Many years ago, I flew with a guy who used to sell insurance, he said only one or two companies will underwrite pilots. Is this the case, how have the past couple of years affected this? Is there somewhere better to go than other outfits?





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Just spoke with an insurance agent from The Co-operators, he's comming by tomorrow to fill me in on the details.


While on the phone he asked a series of questions trying to determine what category I fit into. Standard rate applies to Airline types, then anything that deviates from that is a penalty, ie, bush work, forestry, aerial application etc. Helicopters are not too bad as long as it's not offshore or heavy lift. Seems to me that offshore is about as safe as it comes isn't it? Anyway, should have more information tomorrow, if I find anything useful, I'll post it here. Not sure whether i should tell him :hide: about my fixed-wing, or rotary... :wacko:


Thanks again,



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