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Apparently I've been shooting the messenger. While I may not always agree with you, I cannot dispute the message. HEPAC is too important of an undertaking for a persons ego and desire to be right to get in the way - referring to me.


If HEPAC matures into the association that it could be, it will continue to ask it's members to be tolerant and professional (something I have not displayed at times). This is especially true when you think about some of the sensitive issues HEPAC will want to address.


I noticed myself speaking out of both sides of my mouth. On one hand I was complaining about the many wasted discussions I was having with fellow pilots about the need for an association, and on the other I was busying myself in some of these debates - continuing to argue in circles.


I have opened my eyes a little wider, and am trying to see this more from your perspective. There are no less than 7 HEPAC related polls and threads currently going on. I guess I would get frustrated too! Debate is good, but at the end of the day what we mostly agree on, is that we disagree!


I not only smeared you, but HEPAC as well. I think it is important that you maintain your place at this stage in the development of HEPAC.


Why the 180? As I get ready to head out the door for another busy season, who is going to have the time to further construct HEPAC at this early stage. You and others have volunteered your own time and resources to see this through. I would like to continue to see somebody like yourself minding the fires while the rest of us are out there putting them out.


My application and $200 will still be coming, and no, it won't be post-dated. I would encourage everybody else to do the same. I'm going to try and write mine off at tax time. For me it is time to put up or shut up.


Once HEPAC receives my cheque, and if you accept my application, as a member all I ask is this: Could HEPAC please avoid being dragged into our playground chatter and adopt the professional standard that we are all wanting to emulate.


No need to reply. This is just my way of a public apology.

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