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Oh-58d Vs Ah-64d


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I am a Military Pilot and am trying to decide what aircraft will benifit me the most after I retire from the Military. My ultimate goal, after the military, is to fly either Logging, fire and rescue, or power line inspections. I enjoy the low level/scout type of missions. If you were looking to hire a ex-military Pilot for this type of job would you choose the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior pilot or the AH-64D Apache pilot? I know this isnt the Military/Coast Guard Forum but I was just looking for Opinions to help me decide. Any Input would be helpful.



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If I were you, I'd skip the scout and attack stream and go for the Chinook or Blackhawk. At least in those you'll get twin AND longline experience.

Yea I was woundering about that. I know that Longline is a good thing to have as far as the civilian side goes. Thanks for the input

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Go AH64-D Apache. Why not!!! When will you ever get the chance to fly something that has that kind of armament!!!


What counts for me when looking at pilots to hire, are how smooth they are on the controls. How quick they are at making right decisions. Not so much what machine they flew.

Comes down to performance, personality and natural skill.


As far as Im concerned if it was me, I'd fly the gun ship.


If I know I'm smooth or can get better at being smooth, I can do that while Im flying a gun ship.


Have fun with the tax dollars, why not.



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Your welcome. I was in the military before, not as a pilot though I initially did apply for pilot, however once I graduated HS the flight school were not accepting anymore pilots.


I did sit in the apache. As I remember that experience, I didn't even know what I was looking at in the cockpit.


Best of luck. Fly smooth. Learn all you can and don't stop learning. Be smooth, thats my biggest thing. DON'T STIR THE POT with that cyclic!!


I see that all the time almost 95% of the guys I fly with have that rotten habit.


Good luck.






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